Yara is a well-established Lebanese restaurant brand with a reputation for serving authentic Lebanese cuisine in Lebanon and expanding internationally. With a desire to enhance its online presence and engage with a wider audience, Yara sought the expertise of our digital marketing agency to revamp its social media strategies.

What we did

Yara lacked a strong digital presence, which hindered its ability to reach potential customers beyond its physical locations. 

Firstly we developed a comprehensive strategy conducting a thorough analysis of Yara’s target audience, industry trends, and competitors to identify opportunities for growth. The marketing team then crafted a tailored social media strategy with a focus on building brand awareness, driving engagement, and increasing customer retention.

We undertook an initial content creation day where the TLC team curated visually appealing content showcasing Yara’s delectable Lebanese dishes, cozy ambiance, and unique dining experiences. We then implemented a content calendar to ensure consistent posting at the right times and engaged with followers through interactive posts, contests, and user-generated content to foster a sense of community and strengthen brand loyalty.


We saw staggering results instantly. Within the first month of implementing the new social media marketing, Yara experienced a significant boost in online visibility. Reel impressions soared 10,000%, reflecting heightened engagement with the brand’s content.

Yara also saw substantial growth in followers. The concerted efforts on social media led to a remarkable 99.2% increase in Yara’s follower count, indicating a growing interest and affinity for the brand among users.

The initial strategy also included the launch of a new restaurant location.The digital marketing campaign generated considerable buzz surrounding the opening of Yara’s new restaurant, resulting in a strong turnout and positive reception from both existing and new customers.

Through the implementation of cohesive social media marketing, Yara was able to elevate its brand presence, engage with a broader audience, and drive tangible results.