Bill’s is a sister brand to Troia, with more than 30 restaurants across the UK.

Bill’s brings a whole new standard to the casual dining experience. They are renowned for their incredible food and a friendly customer experience.

What we did

Bill’s wanted a brand new look that put the user experience first, while showcasing the warm and welcoming feel of their brand.

UX Design – Mobile First:

We conducted extensive user research to understand customer preferences and behaviors, to help inform the design process. We opted a mobile-first approach to ensure a seamless experience across all devices, prioritising responsive design principles.

Web Design:

We developed a visually appealing website with a clean and modern design, reflecting the client’s brand identity and values. We then implemented intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces to enhance usability and engagement.

Atreemo and Airship Integration:

We successfully integrated Atreemo and Airship platforms to streamline customer engagement, loyalty programs, and marketing initiatives. By leveraging APIs and custom development we ensured seamless communication and data synchronisation between the website and these platforms.

Bespoke Booking Integration with OpenTable:

Next we integrated OpenTable’s booking system seamlessly into the website, allowing customers to make reservations directly from the site. We then customised the booking interface to match the website’s design and provide a consistent user experience.

Bill’s are able to track end-to-end conversion including each step of customer booking.

Pre-Visit Ordering Platform:

We also developed a pre-visit ordering platform that enabled customers to order drinks, appetizers, or special items like birthday cakes before their visit. We leveraged upselling techniques to promote additional purchases, such as pre-ordering prosecco or desserts, enhancing the customer experience and increasing revenue opportunities.

Dynamic Booking Confirmation Emails:

We implemented a system to dynamically generate booking confirmation emails based on the experiences selected by customers. The customised email templates include details specific to each booking experience, such as menu options, seating preferences, and additional services.

Bespoke Booking Interfaces for Events:

The team developed customised booking interfaces for special events like Mother’s Day, Pancake Day, and Christmas, featuring themed designs and tailored options.

We also integrated availability windows into the booking interfaces to accommodate specific event requirements, such as no weekend bookings for Kids Eat Free.