Figo is a traditional Italian restaurant with a modern aroma born out of love for all things Italian and a desire to offer “Great classic dishes, served right”. The synthesis of conventional ingredients and contemporary taste is reflected throughout the menu at Figo, where they encourage you to share your plates with everyone at the table!

What we did

The TLC team designed a brand new website based on the look and feel of the Figo interiors and the classic Italian character of the restaurant. We personally explored Figo’s vision and how they want to position themselves within the market. Figo decided on a website redesign that was cool, clean and visual to show off their excellent food and service.

The platform

We implemented an easy-to-navigate interface, with a clear native menu for each location making it simple for Figo bookers to find menus, locations, and booking pages. The easy to navigate booking pages with links to their SevenRooms booking system, as well as a seamless user journey for Deliveroo orders for each of the 3 locations, has given the Figo website a refreshing redesign.