Club Individual


Club Individual began as the lifestyle and rewards club for Individual Restaurants. Piccolino, The Restaurant Bar & Grill, Bank Restaurant, Opera Grill are all part of the Club Individual offering. When you join you receive a Welcome Dining Gift to use at their collection of restaurants along with every day money back rewards and an array of lifestyle rewards including member parties, new restaurant openings and celebrity events.

What we did

Club Individual, the club was originally built by our CEO and founder, Adam Purslow, when he was CTO at Individual Restaurants. To enhance the member experience, we developed a customer facing app for Club Individual, as a new way to deliver their loyalty platform.

UI/UX Development:

The team conducted extensive user research to understand customer preferences and pain points, informing the design of a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. We then implemented intuitive navigation and seamless interactions to enhance the overall user experience.

Bespoke Loyalty Platform:

We developed a custom loyalty platform tailored to the client’s requirements, including gamification features, tiered membership levels, and automatic upgrades based on spending data.

We then integrated with the app to provide a seamless experience for users, allowing them to earn and redeem rewards directly through the platform.

Integrated Booking Management:

The TLC leveraged ResV5 and Quadranet systems to integrate booking management capabilities into the app, enabling users to make reservations effortlessly.

We then streamlined the booking process with real-time availability updates and automated confirmation notifications for a seamless customer experience.

In-App Ordering with Quadranet System:

We developed and integrated in-app ordering functionality with the Quadranet system, allowing users to place orders directly from their mobile devices and streamline the dining experience. We then enabled secure payment processing through Apple and Google Wallet integration, offering convenience and peace of mind to users.

Bespoke Web Interface:

A bespoke web interface was developed for users who prefer not to use the app, ensuring consistency in branding and functionality across all channels and allows easy access to loyalty rewards, booking management, and other key features available on the app.

Helpdesk Support:

TLC were also responsible for a fully managed helpdesk support team to address app and loyalty-related inquiries promptly and efficiently.


Improved Customer Engagement: The bespoke app and loyalty platform resulted in increased customer engagement and satisfaction, with users actively participating in loyalty programs and engaging with gamification features for over 10 years. It was at one time the most talked about loyalty schemes in hospitality.

Streamlined Operations: Integrated booking management and in-app ordering capabilities streamlined operational processes, reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Loyalty and Retention: The  loyalty program and tiered membership levels incentivised repeat visits and spending, leading to improved customer retention and revenue growth.