Dakota Hotels


Dakota Hotels, a multi-hotel brand, sought to elevate its online presence and user experience by redesigning and developing its website. The key goals were to integrate a Mailchimp subscription service for newsletters, enhance the homepage for improved UX and content management, and create an events interface focused on weddings with brochure management and efficient enquiry capture.

What we did

TLC were appointed to undertake the management of WordPress site Dakota Hotels which included a homepage redesign. The team redesigned the homepage with a focus on an intuitive and visually appealing user experience. The redesign also allowed for streamlined content management, allowing for easy updates and promotions.

Dakota Hotels also required the integration of a Mailchimp subscription for newsletter sign up; we developed a user-friendly interface which allows visitors to specify their preferences during the subscription process to help Dakota Hotels increase their malign list.. 

Finally we created a dedicated events interface for weddings with a user-friendly design, brochure management and we incorporated an efficient enquiry capture form for seamless communication with potential clients.

The platform

The newly designed WordPress website for Dakota Hotels was successfully launched, offering an engaging and seamless online experience for visitors. The Mailchimp integration enabled Ongoing support and maintenance ensure the website continues to meet evolving user expectations and industry standards.