The Ivy Premier Rewards App


The Ivy Collection is a renowned group of over 40 restaurants spanning the UK and Ireland, who are renowned for their amazing food and vibrant atmosphere. In an effort to enrich the customer experience, they wanted to introduce a feature-rich app that not only streamlined customer interactions, but also elevated their relationship with their guests with the addition of a bespoke loyalty program. Given TLC’s well-established track record in developing all of The Ivy Collection’s websites, the choice of TLC as the partner for this high-profile project was a natural fit.

What we did

Loyalty & rewards

We embarked on designing and developing a multi-tiered bespoke loyalty program with Comtrex and Open Table integrations. Customers enter as ‘Green’ tier, earning points and progressing through tiers to unlock exclusive rewards while redeeming cash value points against each penny spent. Upon reaching their tenth visit to The Ivy Collection, and after scanning their digital card from within the app, customers are automatically promoted to the coveted ‘Gold’ tier. The homepage displays an engaging, gamified tier progress feature, making this advancement visible and exciting.

App users can also claim exclusive in-app rewards such as double points, a complimentary birthday dessert, admission to The Ivy Club and ever-changing promotional offers. 

Personalisation & bookings

Personalisation was a key priority for The Ivy Collection. With this in mind, our team created two app designs based on individual restaurant preferences, which users could freely select and modify at their convenience for both The Ivy collection and The Ivy Asia. As part of the personalisation journey, we enhanced user-experience by integrating a bespoke design housing their OpenTable booking platform. This allows users to efficiently reserve tables by leveraging their existing profile data. Customers can also manage their bookings directly within the app.

Customer Engagement

The app offers seamless integration with the restaurant’s events calendar and real-time live feed, ensuring users stay up to date with The Ivy Collection’s latest events. Push notifications were also implemented to maintain ongoing engagement, making it effortless for The Ivy Collection team to keep users informed. The push notifications can also be segmented by the users preferred or favourited restaurants for an even more targeted audience interaction. Additionally, a built-in camera filter feature adds a playful touch to the user experience, encouraging user-generated content, with sharing capabilities which can be utilised for any festivities.

Helpdesk Support 

To ensure a seamless end-to-end experience, TLC also manages the app help desk. We provide swift and effective email and phone support to all The Ivy Collection guests in need of app assistance. Weekly reporting offers full transparency and insight into the app’s performance for key stakeholders and ensures instant feedback from the user to the team.

Data Insight & Tracking

Our in-house data team plays a crucial role in generating comprehensive weekly reports. These reports provide valuable insights into the app’s performance and key metrics, offering The Ivy Collection a holistic view of its effectiveness. Metrics include sign-ups, app bookings, revenue, member activity, and bookings versus card swipes. TLC data team has the ability to deep-dive and analyse specific data, right down to items purchased at each visit which allows us to forecast trends for The Ivy collection based on the data collected from the app.

Marketing Support

The TLC marketing team played a key role in designing and creating email automation campaigns to support The Ivy Collection’s marketing team. These emails encompassed initial app invitations, welcome journeys, birthday greetings, and password reset emails. Each email is strategically triggered at different stages of the app journey for each customer.


The Premier Rewards app has contributed to a significant boost in customer engagement and loyalty since the launch, with 36,000 downloads in the first month and over 3,000 downloads in the first 24 hours after it was officially launched.  

To date (March 2024) the app has had over 110,000 sign ups and has been a trial blazer in the hospitality sector!

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