Gino D’Acampo


Gino D’Acampo is a household name, with successful restaurants all over the United Kingdom. His cheeky character and fantastic Italian recipes have earned him a very large following across the globe. As his brand has grown, so has the need to enhance its digital presence and customer engagement through a comprehensive suite of services, including UI design, web hosting, bespoke app development, and loyalty program integration.

What we did

UI Design and Web Development:

TLC conducted a thorough analysis of user needs and preferences to inform the design of an intuitive and visually appealing user interface of all the Gino D’Campo websites. We then developed a fully responsive websites with seamless navigation and engaging content to enhance the online experience for customers.

Bespoke App Development:

We also created a custom mobile app tailored to the client’s specific requirements, including features such as push notifications, digital loyalty cards, and membership tiers.

Following this we integrated an event calendar to showcase special promotions, events, and offers, accessible both on the web and within the app.

Loyalty Program Integration:

TLC partnered with Quadranet to integrate a bespoke loyalty program into the app, offering in-app points statements, digital cards, and tiered membership benefits.

We also implemented push notifications to alert users about exclusive offers, rewards, and personalised promotions based on their loyalty status and preferences.

Web Hosting and Management:

TLC continue to support Gino D’Campo by providing reliable web hosting services to ensure optimal performance and uptime for the client’s website and app.

We also manage ongoing updates, maintenance, and security enhancements to keep the digital platforms running smoothly and securely.

Helpdesk Management and Support:

To ensure a seamless customer experience we also established a dedicated helpdesk management system to streamline customer inquiries, feedback, and support requests.

As part of this service we also provided ongoing training and support to the client’s team to ensure efficient operation of the loyalty program and digital platforms.


Enhanced Customer Engagement: The seamless integration of UI design, web hosting, bespoke app development, and loyalty program integration resulted in improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Increased Loyalty and Retention: The revamped loyalty program and push notification features helps to drive higher customer retention and increased repeat visits, leading to improved overall profitability.

Streamlined Operations: The implementation of helpdesk management and support systems optimised internal processes, leading to faster response times and improved customer service.

Through a strategic blend of UI design, web hosting, bespoke app development, and loyalty program integration, our client successfully transformed its digital presence and customer engagement strategy.