Data, Reporting & BI

Our data, reporting, and business intelligence (BI) services are now one of our most sought after services. Data is fast becoming an invaluable asset for businesses, playing a pivotal role in success and expansion.Our data services can assist in helping you make well-informed decisions, enhance your operational efficiency, understand your customers, enable personalisation, and manage performance. Not only that, it provides a competitive edge for your business within your given industry.

Our Services

  • BAU Reporting

    Our Business as Usual (BAU) reporting services redefine efficiency. Whether you are reporting on loyalty program success, or venue footfall, our automated and streamlined reports give you all the information you and your team need to make informed and efficient decisions. Our BAU reports reduce time and resources spent on producing manual reports, so you benefit from more added value analysis from our team.

  • Ad Hoc Data Investigations

    The TLC data team specialises in conducting on-demand analyses and investigations tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you're seeking a comprehensive appraisal of marketing and loyalty campaigns, delving into potential irregularities in transactions, conducting in-depth product or trend analyses, or unravelling the intricacies of customer behaviour patterns we have you covered.

  • Power BI Dashboards

    Unlock the full potential of your data with our Power BI Dashboards. We specialise in the seamless creation and management of reporting dashboards, providing your business with a centralised hub for accessing critical reports and metrics from diverse sources. Our goal is to tailor each dashboard to precisely match your users' information requirements, offering an unparalleled experience in accessing vital business intelligence and effortlessly monitoring KPIs.

  • Google Analytics & Web traffic Dashboards

    Our Google Analytics and Web Traffic Dashboards offer a unique solution, consolidating results from various analytical and tracking tools into a single, intuitive location. Now, monitoring your website's performance with TLC is not just seamless; it's comprehensive.

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