Bupp is a loyalty points market place, dreamt up and created during the coronavirus pandemic. You can now exchange your reward points collected at our participating pub and restaurant chains to Bupp points, and redeem them on Bupp offers. Bupp offers range from hospitality-related products like beer and wine delivery to fitness apps and hangover cures – arguably hospitality-related too!

What we did

We worked with Bupp’s founder, James Tipple, to turn his dream into a reality. We laid the framework for the loyalty points market place and built the bespoke web platform from scratch. We have integrated with several different hospitality operators to ensure loyalty points from their own platforms are converted seamlessly into Bupp points.

The platform

The Bupp loyalty marketplace is now live for users to sign up, register with any points providers such as City Pub Co, buy your Bupp points and then start spending…or bidding!