Adam Purslow


Adam Purslow

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam has lived and breathed the hospitality sector for the last 22 years. His background is not only tech-focused, but he has also worked a number of operational roles within the sector.

When loyalty was but a pipe dream for most, Adam looked to create something revolutionary in the sector and began creating Club Individual for Individual Restaurants. It’s evolved dramatically over the last 10 years and boasts over 2 million members with a high percentage of these using the app. This was the driver behind the decision to create TheLoyaltyCo to allow this wealth of knowledge to benefit both other industries and other hospitality-driven outlets.

Adam is seen as an industry expert with expertise covering IT, systems, development, data and database technology with loyalty, technology, marketing e-commerce, deliverability, devops and cloud infrastructure being only some of his areas of expertise.

Adam is also an accredited business mentor and lives and breathes what he’s learned and taught on the Dale Carnegie program.